SEO will never go away.


SEO plays such a major role in business online success, and not just in terms of producing high rankings in the search results.

Many businesses are using search engine optimisation to help with their branding as well.

If your business is to be profitable and enjoyable, you need to constantly have the traffic of those searching for your products and services.


You have heard a million times that you need SEO, and you probably receive emails, phone calls, and solicitations in the mail every single week from companies that all want to sell you SEO.

There is also a good chance that none of them are telling you WHY you need search engine optimisation and why your business should be investing marketing dollars into being found in the organic search results.

Well, I am here to tell you that you reap what you SEO.


I believe that with SEO you get a never ending flow of customers that pay, stay and refer.

Never in my 9 years in this industry have I heard of a person with a sore tooth going to google and searching for a plumber to get rid of the pain.

People that end up on your website after having “googled” for what you do are already 65% closer to making a purchase.


There is no other form of online marketing that can deliver a return quite like SEO.

So many people don’t have success with search engine optimisation because they sign up with an inexperienced person who may have an “idea” how SEO should work but does not have the right expertise.


So many businesses get burned by these low quality companies or cousins or mates that simply don’t have the knowledge to deliver results.

When done correctly SEO can deliver nonstop organic traffic that would cost a tremendous amount of money if it was being paid for through a paid search campaign or Facebook ads.


SEO is not dead and it continues to work.

When done correctly it can deliver endless and consistent traffic to your website.


Sure, there are Google updates and algorithm changes that are constantly being rolled out to combat the spam, but if you are working with an experienced and knowledgeable SEO provider like the team at Livelong Digital you will not have to worry about these issues.

So many companies fall for services that promise the world for a few hundred dollars and this just isn’t realistic.


You have to be willing to invest in a service that does it right.

SEO will never go away.

It continues to evolve over time and the businesses that understand it are constantly adapting with it and not skipping a beat.

Over the past few years the mass link building spam has been penalised and now the focus revolves around creating content and earning links for high quality and relevant websites.


The concept of SEO will never change, but the techniques to maintain rankings will always change.

SEO will be around as long as the Internet is, so it is a good idea to get involved now instead of sitting on the sidelines.

With a SEO strategy in place you can increase the odds of your potential customer base locating your website and engaging with your business.


Think about how convenient the Internet is for a consumer.

They can search for a business, review products, review the business, and even make purchases.

This can be done from the comfort of their home on a desktop, or while on the go from a tablet or mobile device.

If you want to be found online then you need SEO.


There is no denying you need an SEO strategy in place to attract organic traffic to your website.

It provides a tremendous ROI when done correctly, and is a great long term strategy.

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