Tip: Start slow and build up your knowledge base.
Tip: Start slow and build up your knowledge base.

The Me Too movement is great among civilians. As business owners we have to be so radical for us to be noticed.

Want to Stand Out in Your Industry? Start By Becoming an Expert.

Customers are always looking for the latest, best and most unique products out there that give them a sense of superiority amongst their peers.


If you want to rise above your competition, become an expert in your field.

When it comes to marketing strategies for your small to medium sized business, there are many ways to play the game. You can do paid advertisements, email marketing, influencer marketing or emotional marketing....just to name a few. But when it comes down to results, nothing beats expertise marketing.


What is Expertise Marketing? I hear you asking.


The concept of expertise marketing isn't anything new.  You are experiencing it now. This very post, so listen up.

It's the idea that if you become an expert in your field, potential clients and partners will seek help or solutions from your business naturally.


I recently needed a new e-commerce website built so I can have a shop front to sell my second hand books. I could have done a quick Google search to find local web designers in my area, but instead I sought out recommendations for an expert.

It became apparent early on in my search, that there was an expert in the area that had hands-on-experience with my particular problem and was known for being the "guru" of bookshop websites. I hired him the same day.


That is the power of expertise marketing.


Advocacy Before Profits is when you teach your prospects how they can benefit from your services.

Sort of like teaching people what to want.

At the core of expertise marketing lies the idea that advocacy comes before profits. The idea is that if you share your knowledge base with others, the rest will fall into place.

Think of yourself as an educator, and then determine the best way to get in touch with your target audience to share that message.

Would it be best done through a video format, social media or via syndicated columns or blog posts? Perhaps public speaking would be more effective?

The web designer that I hired took the time to share his knowledge through evergreen videos and blog posts on his website. So, I was able to see him tackle the issue at hand with precision and expertise.


I have a team of designers but they are well versed with general website development. What this bookstore designer had is called Micro-Specialisation.

For many, the idea of expertise marketing can be a bit daunting. Over the years, you have amassed a ton of product knowledge and you may not know where to begin.

My suggestion is to focus on a micro-specialisation. By specialising in one subject area, you allow yourself to focus on just one thing and free yourself from the task of having to be all things to all people.

An example of micro-specialisation could include designers who only do corporate CEO's websites or those who choose to only work with local real-estate companies that stage private homes for sale.


Tip: Start slow and build up your knowledge base.

Set a small manageable goal to start, perhaps one or two thought pieces a week and build up from there.

The more evergreen pieces you create, the more chances you have to share your expertise with others. You can still read this post 10 years later and it’s still relevant.


When people share this content, it creates-Social Proof.

After you create your knowledge/thought pieces, you will want to share them with your client base through your personal website, social media sites, trusted partners and other syndicated opportunities.

The more opportunities you have to share your knowledge, the greater the impact will be on your business over the long term.

If you feel comfortable doing so seek out speaking opportunities in your local area by contacting your local chamber of commerce, small business associations and industry podcasts and events.

The more opportunities you have to hone your message, the more targeted your message will be.

What will you teach us today?

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