Let's see if this sounds familiar...

You wanted to start building a business online and making money, so you had FOMO and went and bought 'How to make money online' products and outdated courses.

You try them all, but none of them work - so you quickly realise that it's not about finding ONE shiny object, but about implementing all of the individual pieces, then knowing how they all fit together.

Now those courses are gathering digital dust somewhere in your hard drive.

I mean, there's blogging, list building, webinars, product creation, copywriting, funnel building, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, email marketing, podcasting, video, instagram, tik tok, snapchat, website building, SEO, LinkedIn, personal branding, Facebook ads, Adwords, link building, customer service, sales, repurposing content, membership sites...

And the list goes ON and ON and ON.

But when you look at the successful marketers, they are the ones who are seemingly doing ALL of those things.

Think about your favourite marketers, coaches or thought leaders and notice that they probably have ALL of those things going on, in their business.

Why would YOU think you will be able to compete and have a business thatโ€™s profitable and enjoyable without these marketing strategies in place?

The truth is that, you can't.

So, the big question is HOW do you master them all?

And what order do you need to do them in, without overwhelming yourself and stressing yourself to death?

Here's where everything turns into the world's most difficult jigsaw puzzle.

You try buying all of the individual pieces from different marketers, but then making them fit together is an absolute NIGHTMARE.

So now, you're left with a bunch of half-baked strategies, the frustration that you should know what to do with them but you really don't and you're left feeling... overwhelmed and confused and broke.

Sound familiar?

I thought it would.

That's where most of the people we end up helping, so you're definitely not alone.

I have the solution.

You need an experienced Digital Marketer, who can guide you through this digital mine field.

I mean, you can do it yourself but you will have to work twice as hard for half of what you are capable of.

If you have a sore tooth, you would not try and pull it out by yourself would you?

So why temper with your wealth and your legacy?

I invite you to apply to work with me.

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll help you to make more money with less struggle.

Every week you'll get a detailed assignment, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Then every two weeks, we'll do a live zoom call, where I'll look at your progress, critique it, brainstorm what you're doing and then we'll set a plan for the week to follow.

That way, you'll always be on top of:

1) What to do

2) How to do it

3) How to do it, properly

4) Making the whole thing work together.

It's just like building a jigsaw.

I'll give you the pieces AND help you put them together.

And I won't stop until you're in a position to make life changing income with your own consistent, ethical and scalable business that is profitable and enjoyable.

You will also join a community of successful businesses that you can network with and get referrals from, this alone is priceless.

You can see their success when you join the #livelongdigitalcommunity



BUT, you have to be willing to commit to take action.

I don't want to work with 'flakey' people who don't really want this.

No one has time to babysit you.

So, if you're serious, here's what to do:

Step #1: Comment below this update and say "LET ME IN!"

Step #2: I'll get back to you personally and we can discuss the program.

Step #3: If you sound like a good "fit" for the program, I'll invite you to start making more money and impact with less stress and overwhelm.

Remember, I am the guy you call when you are tired of thinking small.