Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

According to Dr Howard Gardner of Harvard University the founder of the concept of multiple intelligences, you possess at least 10 different intelligences, in any one of which you might be a genius.

Unfortunately, only two intelligences are measured and reported throughout school and university: Verbal and Mathematical.


But you could be a genius in the areas of:


1. visio-spatial  intelligence (art,design)


2. Entrepreneurial intelligence (business start-up‘s)


3. Physical or Kinesthetics intelligence (sports)


4. Musical intelligence (playing musical instruments, writing music)


5. Interpersonal intelligence (getting along well with others)


6. Intrapersonal intelligence

(understanding yourself at a deeper level)


7. Intuitive intelligence (ability to sense the right thing to do or say)


8. Artistic intelligence (creating works of art)


9 Abstract intelligence (physics and science)


You a genius at something!


Your job now is to find out which intelligence(s) you posses and work on them until you achieve a happier existence.


Since 2012, I’ve been helping self-employed and small businesses owners to become digital marketing and social media savvy and use social media for marketing their businesses, I’ve met two camps of people.


Camp one are social media and technology enthusiasts – social people who have little trouble keeping up with a wide circle of friends, associates, colleagues, clients, prospects and random others.

Camp two are social media skeptics – who worry about the impact of social media on their current client base, are oftentimes overly sensitive to the comments of others, the messages they put on social media, and the wider societal impact of social media on etiquette, intimacy and modesty.

Neither the social media enthusiasts nor the social media skeptics are ideal at social media marketing for business.

It’s those with social media savvy who know how to work it.


Just remember:- people want to interact online with another person, not a faceless, marketing-spewing autobot.

When representing your business on social media, we’re attempting to skillfully balance between professionalism, authority, expertise with warmth, humour, quirkiness and idiosyncrasies.

It’s not always an easy balance to strike. But it can be most rewarding.

Stop trying to be someone else and connect with those you want to serve.

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