If nobody is competing in your space, there's a very good chance the market you're going into is too small.

Any reasonably good idea has 10,000 people or more, working on it right now.

You may not even know they exist because they're as small as you.


Competition is an inevitable part of the business world, for businesses of any size.

It is not a necessary evil, but rather an important part of the business ecosystem.

In fact, competition can be an effective tool for growing and improving your business.


Don’t believe it?


Competition will provide you business validation and reassurance.

If nobody was going for the same customers as you, then you might be chasing a waterfall.

The presence of competition means that customers have the option to choose either your business or another business.

When there is competition, you know that customers are using your business not because you’re the only one out there, but because among the others out there, you appealed to them most.

You are no longer a “means to an end” you are actually, as they call it these days, “an essential service.”


Competition is important for your business because it provides reassurance that you’re getting customers because of the quality of your products and services.

You now know that you are actually doing work that matters for people who care.

Your competition will compete as they don’t know what your strategy and secret sauce is.


When we work with our clients and help them stand out, their business becomes profitable and enjoyable.

When you stand out from your competitors, it’s not that you are so different; it’s that despite being so similar to other businesses, you have distinct qualities that set you apart.


Every auto mechanic fixes cars, all yoga instructors teach yoga, and all photographers take pictures.

But, it’s the distinct qualities of your business that sets you apart from the rest.

Maybe you provide the same services as other businesses but at a quicker pace, or with more personalisation, or through a unique approach.

Perhaps you provide one additional service that your competitors do not.


Competition is important to your business because it enables you to identify your specific and unique traits that are appealing to customers.

Identifying and harnessing these traits will enable you to market your business more effectively and bring in new customers.


Competition is there to make you look good and enhance your online presence.


Our job at Livelong Digital is to help you reach profitable markets.

By increasing your online presence, you can rank higher than your competitors in search engine results pages.

Showing up on the first page of a Google search when there are only 4 businesses like yours is easy, but being on the first page of Google when there are 40 businesses like yours is hard.

The more competitors you have, the more power your ranking holds.


So yes, you need those competitors to help you enhance your online presence.


Although it can be scary, embracing competition in business may be one of the best moves you can make.


It is important for businesses to have competitors because it is through them that you can get new ideas and perspectives, learn how to stand out, and progressively grow your business.


Use your competitors as a catalyst for change and watch your business succeed.

It’s important to have competitors, but even more important to stand apart from them.

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