It's important to feel good about yourself. No one is ever going to be perfect, so don't beat yourself up for being flawed or having some dark secrets in your past.

All of us are wonderfully flawed human beings. That's why it is important to know yourself well enough to embrace the person you are, even if there may be things about you that someone else might find less than desirable.

You should never feel bad about being imperfect or having flaws because everyone does, and nobody is perfect.

The first step in being yourself is to discover what makes you, well, you. It is important that you feel comfortable with who you are or else nobody else will.

If you try to change something just because someone else thinks it is wrong but in reality, there is nothing wrong with it, then you're doing your own self a disservice.

You should only change something about yourself if you think it is truly wrong and would like to see improvement in your life once the issue has been addressed.