The Google Sandbox is an SEO term that refers to the period of time that starts after a web page is launched (It is tracked by internet search engine bots ) until it begins to rank them.


And also, you should know that there is no official information confirmed by Google in this regard. However, it is known by all that a freshly created website (New domain) in the first weeks of its creation as a general rule will not be able to rank for the first positions of the SERPs.


This is due to the filtering that the Google algorithm does by default since it does not trust a web page until after the time of its creation to grant it positioning and organic traffic.


The "theoretical" explanation by which the Google Sandbox is explained is because Google seems to establish a testing period to check whether or not a web page can get links and relevance naturally.


How to know if a web page is under the Sandbox effect?

There is no exact way to know if a web page is sandboxed or not. However, there are certain indications or clues that can help you know if your website is under this filter, such as:

  • Your website has been created for a while and is not able to position keywords. Not even those with low competition.
  • If the traffic of your web page is not able to go up after 3 or 4 months despite there being little competition in the SERPs.
  • If Googlebot has crawled your page (You have checked it in the logs of the server ) and still you are not getting any ranks in the SERP.
  • If using the advanced search commands of Google or footprints you do not get keywords positioned in Google for your domain.


What is the duration of the Sandbox?

There is no fixed period of time regarding the duration of the Sandbox since this period varies depending on a multitude of factors and causes.

However, it has been observed (but not confirmed) that there is usually a correlation between those new pages that quickly get inbound links and those that do not, the latter being the last to leave the Google Sandbox effect.

For all this, it is recommended if you have bought a new domain to wait at least a time (one or two months) before getting links to start positioning the first keywords.