Don't be the Easy to Forget Majority !

There are a lot of courses, techniques, and products out there that tell you that if you ‘follow these steps’ or ‘make these exact changes’, your social media influence will grow.

Most of these are modelled from the success of really large companies or "gurus", and while there is some merit in studying what the most outstanding brand voices have done to get to their level, it is important to remember that these brands were often the very first to try a particular tactic and gain success, after which hundreds of thousands of imitators popped up.

But if everyone is trying the same techniques and emulating the same voices, then everyone begins to sound the same.

The majority then becomes a monotonous drone, and the minority, the ones with fresh, unique perspectives are the ones who stand out.

Chances are, their fans are your prospects and they have seen that tactic already.

Remember, first cut is the deepest.

The best thing you can do for your brand is to stop being a majority follower, and instead focus on presenting yourself in a way that makes people take notice.